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Qubike Indoor Motorcycle Cover Ducati 916

Fitted Ducati 916 generation luxury cover. Red and black both available from UK stock.


The covers are made in Italy from a fabric developed to be dustproof and heat resistant up to 200 degrees so it can be put on a hot bike. Externally the fabric is shiny and silky and internally it is soft with no seams to protect bodywork. They look truely amazing when on the bikes.

So good we are happy to offer a full money back guarantee if your not as satisfied as we are.


You are able to have a Logo put on your cover too, we have all logo`s of bike brands but you can also have a custom logo of your choice.

The logo will be one big each side and a small one on the front. Simply select logo when ordering and write in the comments which you would like.

If its a custom logo you will need to email us with an image file.

So why not have Ducati or 916 on your cover for the ultimate look, or you personal logo if you would prefer.


Technical Features;


  • Anti-Static (Dust repelant)
  • Breathable so no condonsation can form
  • Internally Teaseled to protect from scratches
  • Thermic/ Self-extinugusing so can be put on a hot bike
  • Rip Proof
  • Machine washable and colourfast.