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Bimota Official Cover

Recent Bimota`s came with really nice branded covers, when trying to source some more to use on our other bikes we got in touch with the factory who made the cover`s for Bimota origianally and were so impressed that we are now UK distributors for the brand. As well as being able to do 9 sizes and 4 colours of the Qubike covers we can also supply the OEM Bimota cover.


The covers are made from a fabric developed to be dustproof and heat resistant up to 200 degrees so it can be put on a hot bike. Externally the fabric is shiny and silky and internally it is soft with no seams to protect bodywork.


Technical Features;


  • Anti-Static (Dust repelant)
  • Breathable so no condonsation can form
  • Internally Teaseled to protect from scratches
  • Thermic/ Self-extinugusing so can be put on a hot bike
  • Rip Proof
  • Machine washable and colourfast.